Flight Collection

Flight is directly inspired by feathers, which in my mind are untouchable in their beauty.  It is arguably difficult to do them justice, but the collection makes no apology for being manmade.  With honest construction and use of materials I endeavour to capture the essence of a feather's beauty in a mechanical, yet respectful way.

I colour the aluminium with a combination of spirit based inks and water based dyes.  The fine linear pattern is embossed into the surface, adding to it's feathery appearance as it catches the light.  Ear wires and brooch pins are made of stainless steel (please note this contains traces of nickel but conforms to EU regulations) which pass through to the back of the piece and become the fitting - even ear hooks can be fastened at the back preventing them from coming out by accident.  They are extremely lightweight, easy to wear and make a cheerful addition to an outfit.

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