Each Verto necklace is made by commission for the individual. The colour and size are designed specifically for you, while your body gives it shape and movement. To find out more, get in touch.  

Verto began with a single necklace, made for renowned collector Tuan Lee, and has since been followed by a series of variations.  Other private collectors include Lady Hamlyn and Nancy Olnick.  They comprise identical flat discs, coloured differently on each side and spaced along an engineered, silicone core, which allows the piece to mould to anyone's body shape.  It's flexibility also gives it the unique ability to be worn in a variety of shapes, depending on your preference or mood.  Verto means transformer.  I have made different versions in different ways.  Most are made of aluminium but two were made from wood, which was suitably lightweight for the dancer in the A World Away video, and one I made in silver, gold and diamonds.  Sometimes the material is screen printed and sometimes hand painted or dyed.  Laser cut or cut by hand, they are always hand finished, taking the greatest care to keep them all the same.  The engineered regularity is in contrast to their organic movement.  All my jewellery is designed to be worn and accentuate the body, but especially a Verto necklace - it needs to be worn in order to come to life.