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Beyond the limits of traditional jewellery there is a world of possibility for self-expression.
— John Moore

John Moore


John Moore is an award-winning, British, contemporary jewellery artist, living and working in Brighton, UK.  With a life-long passion for making wearable objects and a multidisciplinary approach, he has created his own unique space in the world, blurring the lines between contemporary jewellery, art, design, craft and fashion.  

Inspired by natural architecture, his work is recognised for its imagination, design and craftsmanship.  Materials are carefully selected for their unique properties and combined to achieve his vision, including anodised aluminium, silver, gold, steel, wood, silicone, magnets and glass.  Carefully balancing shape, colour and movement, he conjures his own hybrid specimens, organic yet manmade, that transcend the material and work in harmony with the body.  


Winner of the Goldsmiths’ Company award, 2016

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Jewellery lives on the edge of the body, animated by the movement of the wearer. Like a mask it has the power to alter and enhance our sense of self.
— John Moore

At the forefront of Moore’s work is the creation of wearable sculpture that explores the potential power of an object to alter and enhance the wearer.  Such works have been commissioned by internationally renowned collectors including Tuan Lee, Nancy Olnick, Lady Hamlyn and Robert Hiller, whilst others have been acquired by public collections in the UK and USA.  It has also lead to collaborations within dance, music, glass and hair dressing.