Winner of the Goldsmiths’ Company award, 2016

John Moore is an award-winning jewellery artist. As a child he would be found at the kitchen table making masks, kites, puppets and sculpture, or out collecting feathers, gazing into fish ponds or watching the flight of dragon flies. Even as his story has evolved, these experiences continue to inspire his work today. John now regularly exhibits his work at major exhibitions including Goldsmiths Fair and SOFA, Chicago. read more


Visit John at his 2017 Christmas Open Studio

8 Dec 11-8pm, 9 Dec 11-6pm


The jewellery

John’s work stands out for its meticulous design, inspired visual impact, and the highest standards of craftsmanship. He is principally inspired by the natural world and its breathtaking displays of colour and form: wings, feathers, insects and fish. When worn, each piece comes alive in response to the wearer’s unique physicality and movement, as if the wearer and piece were made for each other.







Jewellery lives on the edge of the body, animated by the movement of the wearer. Like a mask it has the power to alter and enhance our sense of self.
— John Moore