Life’s what you make it

From a very young age it was clear that I was born to make things - making is my food - but I embraced a variety of creative subjects, both in and out of school, including art, music and dance.  These experiences continue to influence my work today.  

My fascination with wearable objects and objects with movement, goes back as long as I can remember.  While other children played with their toys, I was making my own, and I haven't really stopped.  I was often to be found at the kitchen table making masks, kites, puppets and automata sculpture, all of which could be brought to life with movement.  Otherwise I was out collecting feathers, gazing into my tropical fish tank or watching dragon flies drying their lacy wings beside the pond, ready for flight.  

I completed a degree in 3D Design at Manchester Metropolitan University, where jewellery naturally became my focus.  It continues to dominate my portfolio yet I am not defined by the term "jeweller".  Neither am I limited by a single material, which is often the case among makers and, in my mind, arguably restrictive.  First comes the idea, then I select materials, traditional or not, to bring that idea into existence.  Sometimes this involves developing original tools and techniques.

While my hunger for making grows and my practise evolves, I remain committed to producing work that is imaginative, creative, well designed and well made, especially when our lives are so dominated by cheap, mass produced goods.  It's a privilege for me to share my creations with the world and I hope you will continue to follow me on my journey..  

Thank you to my wonderful family and friends for their ongoing love and support.


Self portrait, aged 11.

Self portrait, aged 11.

If you want to do something badly enough then you will
— Jane Moore (Mum)

Professional Partnership




The Goldsmiths' Company Award

IJL Gold Award for silver jewellery

Silver Award for Silver jewellery, sponsored by Brown and Newirth


IJL Editor's Choice Award for Technical Excellence 2016



WCC Europe EUNIQUE Award 2011


Young Designer of the Year - Finalist


Kayman Award 2008 - National Association of Jewellery (formerly the British Jewellers Association - BJA)

Public Collections

The Mint Museum, Charlotte, North Carolina, USA

The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, Kansas City, Missouri, USA

Spencer Museum of Art, Lawrence, Kansas, USA

Private Collections

Tuan Lee

Olnick Spanu Collection

Lady Helen Hamlyn

Robert Hiller

Dr Sarah Siegler

Suzanne Sanders