The namesake of the exotic plant prized for its vibrant, extravagant flowers, Bromeliad continues John's exploration of the intricate, repeating patterns and textures of nature.

The story of Bromeliad

Many core themes of John's work lie submerged in Bromeliad -  whispers of artefacts from Ancient Egypt, floral patterns, the abdomen of dragonflies and other armoured creatures.

Working with gold

Gold is melted down and gradually rolled thinner and thinner to just 0.4mm thick while retaining its strength. Applying a satin finish brings out the intensity of the colour.


Each component has its own unique shape but, linked together, the effect is harmonious and unified. 

Hand crafted

Bromeliad is entirely handmade. Each piece is cut out using a piercing saw with a 0.2mm blade. Precision is key for the components to balance properly.

An experience of life

The articulated components of Bromeliad allow a fish-like shimmer.  They come alive in response to your movement.