'Hiding in the depths of the museum, I found the iridescent shimmer of Elytra.'


The story of Elytra

Oxford's Pitt Rivers museum hums with the intense, magical energy of its tribal artefacts - jewellery that springs from the natural world. This is where the story of Elytra began. The name Elytra comes from the forewings of beetles. The overlapping structure is reminiscent of the repeating patterns of fish, feathers and plants. 

Bold expression

Elytra are extremely lightweight, allowing you to be bold with the size of your earrings. As you move the elytra move as one, like the murmuration of a flock of starlings,

Vibrant, durable colour

Plain anodised aluminium sheet is repeatedly dipped into baths of dye to create seamless, graduated colour, before the pieces are individually cut out, finished and formed. 

Two looks in one

Elytra earrings are reversible. Which style will suit your mood - smooth and sleek or outward and exuberant? 

Special edition in gold and silver

A new quality is brought to Elytra through the traditional jewellery materials of 18 ct gold and silver.

Smooth touch

The fluid movement of Elytra pendants makes them irresistibly tactile. The satin finish is smooth to the touch.