Strength - Power - Fragility - Protection


The power of Flight

Flight captures the essence of feathers. Untouchable in their beauty, they both display and protect, simultaneously powerful and fragile.

a bold display of colour

Taking the bright, vibrant colours of feathered displays, Flight allows you to express yourself in a playful, exuberant way.

Creating texture

The feathery texture is embossed into the aluminium with a photo etched steel plate. Like feathers in the sun, Flight catches the light and constantly changes as you move. 

Perfecting the colour

It is the combination of spirit based inks and water based dyes that creates the distinctive layering and texturing of the colours of Flight.  The more you look at them, the more you discover. 

Hand-made craftsmanship 

John designed the specific tools that he needed to create the shapes of Flight. They are all hand finished for a flawless finish. The ear hooks and brooch pins are made by hand and built into each piece. 

The fascination of a life-time

John, age 2, with his Mum and Nanna.