Launching summer 2019 - Dates to be announced


Adult Fairy Wing Workshop 

with John Moore

Duration - 1 day. 10am - 5pm

Price: £160

For adult fairies aged 16+

4 - 6 fairies

In this one-day workshop, award winning jewellery artist, John Moore, will share with you his own original concept for making a pair of wings like no other. John will guide you through his step-by-step process, transforming a flat sheet of material into a completed pair of beautiful wings that are unique to you.

The story

No doubt you will be familiar with the standard fairy wings sold in shops, the ones made from wire frames wrapped with translucent stretchy fabric and gathered at the base, with too loops of elastic that go around your shoulders. The problem

In 2011, John became uncle to the lovely Sadie and for her first Christmas he made a pair of tiny wings out of foam with ribbons to tie them on.

You might not be aware that aside from the seriousness of my work as a jewellery artist, I also like to make other, more playful objects, particularly toys for my niece and nephews, or things for them to dress up in... or things for me to dress up in.  For example, these are some little dragon wings I made for my nephew Alfie. With a number of projects now under my belt I feel it is time to start sharing these creations with the world.  In addition to following my jewellery on instagram @johnmoorestudio I invite you also to follow my new page

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