Elytra Reversible Gold & Silver Earrings

Elytra Reversible Gold & Silver Earrings

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Made of:  Sterling silver and 18ct yellow gold                                                                                                                

Dimensions: 52mm

This piece is hallmarked

The Elytra earrings have become a classic among my designs and this version in gold and silver make a bold, glittering statement.  Worn casually, with a suit or to finish an elegant, evening dress, their fluid movement and bright finished metal catch the light, drawing attention to the eyes and face.  They look great with shorter hair styles and with long hair, worn up or down.  At less than 8g each they are extremely comfortable and you can choose which way to wear them - closed or open (as shown).

How do you reverse them?  

Simply remove the earring back, unthread the hoop from the small ring at the top and pass it through the other small ring at the opposite end.  Give them a good shake and the pieces will settle nicely into place.

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