Vane Thick Necklace - Blue Green

Vane Thick Necklace - Blue Green

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Made of:  Anodised aluminium, silicone, brass, sterling silver and magnets

This striking piece sits boldly around the neck and works well against the skin or over a roll neck top.  It is constructed from a series of anodised aluminium discs which are screen printed with dye and evenly spaced apart along a flexible cord.  The gaps between the discs allow light to reflect on the coloured faces creating an optical effect that contradicts our perception of a solid form and as you turn around your admirers will always see the same colours in each direction.  Despite it's engineered aesthetic it's movement is very fluid so it will softly mould to the contours of your neck and shoulders making it surprisingly comfortable.  It is also lightweight and the strong magnetic clasp means no fuss.  Wear it with the catch at the back or as a feature at the front.  Whilst not being worn it can be knotted and displayed as an ornament.

Note:  It is not advisable to wear magnetic necklaces if fitted with a pacemaker.

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