Care Instructions

  • Always treat your jewellery with care and store it safely when you're not wearing it, preferably in a box

  • Apply skin cream, makeup and perfume before putting on your jewellery. Chemicals in these products could affect the surface finish

  • Take your jewellery off to go to sleep

  • Avoid getting it wet. Due to it's construction it is difficult to dry it thoroughly. If it gets wet by accident, dry it as best you can with a cloth, then hold in front of a hair drier and work your way along, prising the discs apart to make sure no moisture is left inside the chain links.



Remove dust particles from between the discs by giving it a good blow, or dislodge them with a soft, long bristled paint brush. Be careful not to let the metal part of the brush scratch the jewellery. Alternatively use a folded tissue, dampened if necessary.


DO NOT USE SILVER DIP! The faces of the silver discs are oxidised to give them a dark finish so only the edges will need cleaning to restore their original brightness. You can do this by giving them a rub with a silver cloth, being careful not to rub the faces. You can help to prevent tarnishing by storing your jewellery in a box or a sealable bag.