Spirals, Loops and Knots


Organic meets industrial

Vane is born from two worlds, a hybrid of organic and industrial forms - exoskeletal creatures, the murmuration of starlings, industrial fans. Abundant repetition, graduated colour, machined aesthetic and serpentine movement.

Versatile and playful

The powerful magnetic catches allow you to join pieces together to create spirals, loops and knots. The abundant repetition, graduated colour and serpentine movement invite endless exploration.

A hypnotic effect

Though comprised of multiple rigid components, Vane moves with organic fluidity, much like the murmuration of starlings. Seemingly solid, the space between each disk allows light to reflect on the coloured surfaces creating a mesmerising effect. 


Part of the process

To create durable colour, aluminium is anodised and screen printed. Each disk is two tone - as you rotate the piece in different directions the colour will switch. 


The shapeshifting versatility of Vane is enabled by the magnetic catch. It is easy to handle and powerfully strong. Clip together multiple pieces in an uninterrupted curve.