The Transformer


A story of transformation

Verto began with a single necklace, made for renowned collector Tuan Lee. Its adaptability has allowed it take on numerous variations with different colours, materials and sizes. Specially commissioned pieces have been made in wood, aluminium, silver and gold.


Shape shifting flexibility

Thanks to its engineered silicone core a Verto necklace will mould comfortably to anyone, regardless of height or body shape. This flexibility also allows it to twist and be worn in a variety of shapes, depending on your preference or mood.

Diamond Verto.jpg

Silver, gold and Diamonds

The Silver and Diamond Verto Necklace, completed in 2015, won four awards including The Goldsmiths’ Company Award 2016, "given at the discretion of the Council for exceptional and outstanding design in 2D and 3D”.

Specially commissioned Verto necklaces feature in major private collections including those of Tuan Lee, Olnick Spanu, Lady Helen Hamlyn and Dr Sarah Siegler. This necklace, entitled The Lacewing, was commissioned by Tuan Lee and completed in 2018. It won The Goldsmiths’ Company Award at the 2019 Goldsmiths’ Craft and Design Council Awards.


This extra large Verto necklace made from painted wood and rubber was completed in 2015 for the A World Away video and subsequently featured amongst other statement pieces on the catwalk for L’Oréal. It also appeared on the cover of Lakuta’s debut album.

My Verto

Discover how you can celebrate yourself with your own special Verto Necklace from John Moore. Contact the studio for an informal chat to discuss a commission.