John moore

'Life is what you make it'

It was always clear that John was born to make things and his fascination with wearable objects and movement began at a very young age. Whilst other children were playing with toys, he was busy making his own. He would often be found at the kitchen table making masks, kites, puppets and automata sculpture, all of which he could bring to life with movement. Otherwise he was playing the piano, at a dance class, out collecting feathers, or gazing at his tropical fish.

It’s a powerful, emotional response, a feeling of connectedness that I experience and that I seek to evoke with the objects I create.
— John Moore

Naturally inspired

The overriding inspiration for John’s work is the natural world. With sensitivity for shape, balance and movement, he combines the organic with the engineered to create new objects that show respect to nature and our place within it. The finished pieces are the result of a life time spent observing the natural world and understanding materials through making.

 But just as an orchestra comprises many instruments, inspiration comes in many forms. The jewellery that he creates crosses conceptual boundaries - they are living objects, works of art, powerful creative expressions. 

Cutting-edge craft skills

John makes each piece by combining traditional craft skills with modern processes.  With his unconventional approach to jewellery, John selects materials because of their unique properties - aluminium, wood, gold, steel, silver, silicone, magnets, glass... What matters is what works for the piece.

Only the strongest ideas make it to fruition.  Every element is considered : the relationship to the wearer, the way it moves, what it feels like to touch, the visual impact. A major feature of much of John’s work is exuberant, spontaneous, playful colour. He uses a range of techniques to create the imagined effect -  anodising, dip-dyeing, hand printing and screen printing.

John now works in his studio on the 6th floor of New England House, the creative, industrial beating heart of Brighton, U.K.


An invitation

If you would like to visit the studio, and explore John's work first hand, get in touch. 

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